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Natural Faceted Amethyst and Silver Swarovski Crystal Rondelles Bracelet

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This lovely and classy bracelet is designed with 8x10mm Natural Oval Faceted Amethyst Gemstones. Swarovski Crystal Silver Rondelles glitter among the beautiful dark purple gemstones. The other silver elements are a Sterling Lobster Claw Clasp, Silver Filled Beads and Sterling Chain. The Sterling chain allows this bracelet to be adjustable in size from 7 1/2-8 7/8".
AMETHYST - Metaphysical Properties: Facilitates spirituality and contentment. Stone of stability, strength, and peace. Excellent for meditation. Enhances psychic ability.
SILVER- Mirror to the soul. Eloquence. Connects physical and astral bodies. In jewelry, it provides a balanced setting that retains the qualities of the stone it holds. Lunar energy. Cleansing, balancing.

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