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Coin Dark Blue Dumortierite Gemstone Beads and Sterling Earrings

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These  earrings are designed with gorgeous 20mm Blue Black Dumortierite Large Coin Gemstone Beads. Also included in this fabulous design are bright 15.5 x10mm Sterling Silver Olive Shaped Oval beads and 4.5 Sterling Disc spacer beads. These dangle earrings are very modern looking. Measured from the top or the ear wires, which are Fancy Sterling leverbacks, they are 2 5/8" long. The leverbacks are not your common everyday ones, they have a very nicely designed bottom loop area. These earring match my necklace featured in item S10489 sold separately. You can take a look at the necklace in the last picture.

Dumortierite was first described in 1881 in the Rhône-Alps of France and named for the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier (1803–1873).  Sources of Dumortierite include Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Madagascar, Namibia, Nevada, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sri Lanka.  Dumortierite is said to promote a positive attitude to life and to help you to stay 'young at heart'. It is also said to increase assertiveness and self-confidence encouraging you to speak out when you feel you are being treated unfairly. In addition Dumortierite is said to calm and focus you in traumatic situations giving you the tools to cope with a crisis.  In healing, Dumortierite is thought to be of benefit for headaches, nausea, vomiting, cramping and colic. Placed gently on an affected area it is said to soothe sunburn.


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