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Salmon Coral and Turquoise Bali Sterling Chandelier Earrings

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These Salmon Coral and Turquoise Chandelier earrings are a lovely color combination. This design includes 4mm Salmon coral and also natural turquoise 4mm beads.

There is a substantial amount of sterling in these 2 3/4" earrings. The intricately designed earring posts are Bali Sterling as well as the long sterling chandeliers. There are also Bali Daisy spacers above, below and in between each of the beads. I've added extra large earring backs to the posts so that these large earrings are more comfortable. You can clearly see these large backs in the photo that I have posted showing them.

These earrings are even prettier in person. You will not be disappointed.  They will be eye catching for sure.  Even though the chandeliers are Bali in origin, these earrings have a Southwestern look about them.

BALI SILVER is sterling silver made on the island of Bali, in Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. The Balinese are highly skilled silversmiths, known for their granulation and wirework decoration. 

TURQUOISE - Metaphysical Properties: Assists in healing emotional stress and pain, including the physical symptoms of stress. They believe it dispels fear, lifts depression and brings a sense of happiness, serenity and self-confidence to the wearer.

Turquoise was one of the earliest gems to be used for personal adornment. It was used by Ancient Egypt rulers around 5500 BC. The name Turquoise dates to 16th century and derived from Old French word for "Turkish", because it entered Western Europe through Asia Minor.

SALMON CORAL: Platonic Love, Friendship, community, increases sensitivity, caring and compassion.


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