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Southwest Orange Spiny Oyster and Turquoise Sterling Choker Necklace Set

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This colorful and bold Southwestern necklace is designed with large rare 14mm Orange Spiny Oyster and Turquoise heishi beads.  The turquoise heishi beads are placed between each Spiny Oyster bead to create a lovely design.  This necklace is 16" long and will fit somewhat like a choker.  It is  closed with Sterling Silver Bali circle beads and large sterling toggle clasp with an elongated design.  The matching dangle earrings are 2" long and hung on my Sterling handcrafted ear wires.

SPONDYLUS more commonly called  SPINY OYSTER is large and very colorful. The Spiny Oyster is not even an oyster but in the scallop family.  Spiny Oyster shell beads are unique, beautiful, and also difficult-to-harvest. You'll find Spiny oyster around the world typically along the coasts of North Carolina all the way down to the waters near Brazil, also in the Sea of Cortez, and off the coast of Baja Mexico and Baja California.  Often used in jewelry this sea animal is in high demand for its appearance and color. 

Some shells of the Spiny Oyster are rare finds and are especially treasured by Native American Indian artists for their beautiful red, pink, brown, yellow, orange, purple, and white colors.


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