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Colorful Cobalt Blue Krobo African Trade Beads and Silver Bracelet

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This colorful ethnic bracelet comprises of handmade 10x17mm  White and Yellow spotted Cobalt Blue Krobo Beads, 8x5mm African Yellow Sand Cast Beads and 9x2mm Blue Clay Beads. Also included are 9mm Tibetan Silver (Zinc Alloy Pewter) Spacers, 6mm Tibetan Silver Lantern beads and very pretty Spiral Toggle Clasp.  Very pretty and bright bracelet, sure to be an eye-catcher.

African Krobo powder glass beads are made in vertical molds fashioned out of special, locally dug clay. The mold is filled with finely ground glass that can be built up in layers in order to form sequences and patterns of different shapes and colors. Cassava leaf stems are used, these will burn away during firing and leave the bead stringing hole. Firing takes place in clay kilns until the glass fuses.

TIBETAN SILVER is a Zinc Alloy Metal (Pewter) that contains no lead or nickel.
PEWTER. It's a little known fact that Pewter is considered the fourth most valuable metal in common use, after platinum, gold, and silver. (Modern pewter, called Britannia metal, is lead free and nickel free which means hypoallergenic). Pewter doesn't tarnish the way silver does. Like silver, pewter can oxidize when exposed to air, but unlike other metals, it oxidizes very slowly and evenly. This means your pewter may gradually develop a soft warm patina adding so much to its lasting charm. Jewelry with Pewter can truly be considered heirloom quality!

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