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Below are testimonials received from my former shop at Ruby Lane about the workmanship and customer service received from JoAnn Williams at Kaminski Jewelry Designs:

  • I have purchased many items from Kaminski Jewelry Designs and give it the highest rating possible. In fact, JoAnn, the owner of Kaminski, has created numerous custom designs for me which I've been very satisfied with. She is very accommodating and patient in working with me and is able to recognize that our tastes in jewelry often differ. But she does not let that get in the way of creating something I like. She uses quality materials in her designs and the workmanship is top notch. I highly recommend her and anything in her shop that catches your eye. Audrey
  • I'm running out of superlatives to use for the jewelry you create for me. In all seriousness, I believe this burgundy pearl necklace set is the most beautiful item I've gotten yet - and I don't mean to take anything away from the other items I've gotten from you. This just shimmers with light and looks joyful to wear!I can understand how difficult it must be to sell jewelry online because the pictures just do not do justice to the beauty of the gems and materials used. A picture just cannot capture the "life" that is in an item. I wonder how much of your inventory would be snapped up in a second if it were on display in an arts and crafts fair.Audrey, AZ (Several custom sets, this one 2 strand pearl necklace)
  • The necklace is exquisite!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful craftsmanship—you are truly an artist!!! Gail, NY (Rhodocrosite and Dark Red Garnet Sterling Set)
  • I absolutely love it. It is more than I expected. I can't wait to wear it. I have earmarked it for a rose embossed dress I am wearing for New Year's. I work @ Swarovski so I get to see a lot of beautiful jewelry but the piece you did I will treasure for always.  Sherrill, NY (Karen Hill Silver (97-99% fine silver) Gardenia pendant and white Swarovski Pearl set)
  • I just opened my package...the necklaces are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thankyou so much - I can't wait to wear them!Colleen, OH (Tiger Iron Necklace and Earrings, Black Onyx, Lampwork Beads and Blue Chalcedony Set)
  • The necklace is fantastic! I am SO GLAD I purchased! I wore it right away with a cantaloupe melon colored blouse & it looked great. There is a lot of nice silver & the focal stone is just beautiful. I think this will complement many outfits & is very special.Cheryl/NC ( Moss Agate Pendant Beaded Sterling Necklace and Earring Set)
  • Yes, thank you so so much. I received it at about 12:00 my time (central)I am so pleased with it - I really like the quality of the product and it matches the outfit i am using it with at a wedding tomorrow so thanks so much for sending it overnight. You never know what you're getting when you order online, but Iwas pleased that it was exactly as the description and pictures posted and I thank you so much for sending to me as fast as you did. (Black Onyx and German Gold Drizzle Beads Set)Yolanda,Texas
  • Dear JoAnn-I received the new and exotic necklace in Thursday's mail. It is certainly attractive; I am very partial to the colors and the Tibetan influence. It will be a valued accessory from now on. Thank you for all considerations associated with this purchase - they are very appreciated.Best wishes / SANDRA S., Virginia
  • These are them....will so enjoy wearing them!!!  Thank you for the extra larger backs...they are indeed morecomfortable!!!  (Mother of Pearl Sterling Chandelier Earrings) L., Albuquerque, NM
  • Dear JoAnn- The cherry quartz and copper necklace arrived on Friday, and I am extremely pleased. The beads are such a wonderful and vibrant color. They will definitely cheer me up when I wear them. You have extraordinary artisanship with your creations.I wish you a successful holiday season with your collection, and a lovely Christmas with friends and family.  Best wishes / SANDRA S., Virginia
  • Hello JoAnn, I received my parcel today of two necklaces purchased through Ruby Lane: they are just beautiful. Such a lovely use of stone and beadwork "quality and excellence of design of both pieces". Thank you. (Turquoise and Black Onyx Necklace and African Trade Beads Red Feather Venetian Glass Beads and Brass) Cheers Suzanne,Australia
  • Everything arrived in perfect condition and I really love the set, thank you so much. You did a great job. (~.~) I will think of you when I wear it and remember how kind you were to remake it for me. (purchased Turquoise, Spiny Oyster and Coral Necklace and I redesigned her bracelet and earrings to match the necklace) God Bless you JoAnn and your family. I wish you much success in your business. Your jewelry is truly lovely, each piece a work of art.Sincerely,Cher, Alaska
  • Dear Ms. Williams, The jewelry arrived yesterday, and everything is beautiful! I am truly delighted with the pieces and look forward to the wearing them (and to compliments I will get!) :) What really caught my eye was the necklace with the gold lava discs - they are beautiful and unique. I then looked at other pieces, and was impressed with the use of natural materials and stone. (Three cheers for something NOT made of plastic beads!) In each necklace that I purchased, the combination of color, texture and size for each component creates a stunning and eye-catching piece.Thank you so much, Barbara, California
  • JoAnn,  I just checked the mail and the necklace has arrived. It is so much more than I imagined. The pearls really are silvery and so precious looking. The length for this necklace is very good also. Thank you so much for putting this together for me. I'm very, very pleased with this transaction. I know we'll be doing more business in the future, Audrey, AZ,(Karen Hill Gardenia Pendant and Swarovski Platinum Pearls)