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Silver Tropical Flower Pendant Swarovski Tahitian Pearls and Silver Beads Necklace and Earrings

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This Large 41mm Karen Hill Tribe magnificent Tropical Flower Pendant is the centerpiece of this beautiful necklace. In keeping with the tropical theme I have chosen to add 5 x 4mm Karen Hill silver leaf imprint spacers between the green/blue richly hued 8mm Swarovski Tahitian crystal pearls. What a gorgeous color that my camera does not do justice (but almost ) in capturing. I also added 5mm Bali Daisy spacers and the necklace ends in a very pretty Bali Sterling Decorative Vine imprint toggle clasp (the tropical theme again). The matching dangle earrings are hung on Bali Sterling daisy ear wires.

All Artisan jewelry is one-of-a-kind handcrafted by JoAnn Williams in the Kaminski Jewelry Designs studio.  The pictured piece is the item you will receive.  All pieces come with a lovely gift box.

KAREN HILL TRIBE SILVER contains 97-99% pure silver - higher than sterling silver's 92.5%! Higher silver content results in natural, lustrous texture and color and will not tarnish as readily as sterling silver. High-content silver is softer and easier to shape into beautiful, ornate styles using silversmith techniques passed down through generations. Each piece has been individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from the native Karen Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand, thus maintaining its uniqueness. No two samples are exactly alike, in contrast to mass-produced jewelry.

BALI SILVER is sterling silver made on the island of Bali, in Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. The Balinese are highly skilled silversmiths, known for their granulation and wirework decoration.

SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PEARLS are the loveliest of the lab-created pearls on the market made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative pearl coating similar to a natural pearl luster. These pearls possess a very lustrous flawless, silky, smooth, rounded surface. Every bead is consistent in shape and color. They are resistant to discoloration by sunlight or UV rays, perfumes, perspiration and are remarkably resistant to scratches. The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal round pearls are the perfect imitation to natural pearls. 


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