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Azurite and Sterling Marquis Connectors Earrings

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These handcrafted 2 1/4" lovely Azurite and silver earrings have a clean modern look. I used 8mm round Azurite beads and Bali Sterling Rope beads and suspended them from 41 x 16mm Sterling Marquis Connectors. These very cool dangle earrings are measured from the top of my handcrafted sterling ear wires to the bottom of the Marquis connector.
AZURITE owes its name to its beautiful azure-blue color, which makes it a very popular and well-known mineral. It usually occurs with green Malachite, which may form green stains or specks on Azurite crystals or aggregates. The two minerals sometimes occur admixed or banded together, forming what is called "Azure-malachite" in the gem and mineral trades. Azurite, "Azure-malachite", and "Bluebird" all have gem uses. The last picture is a raw specimen of Azurite.
If you need an adjustment in the size of any of my artisan items, just email me with your request and I will let you know if it is possible. If you see something you like but would prefer a different color, let me know and I will see if I can accommodate you. I do take custom orders and will be happy to work with you to create your perfect piece.


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