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Black and Green Agate Druzy on Black Leather Cord with Sterling Tubes

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This really striking necklace is designed with a 48 x 34.5 mm, including the sterling bail, gorgeous Black and Blue/Green semi-precious Oval Agate Druzy Pendant. The pendant is hung on doubled 2mm Genuine Black Leather Cord.  Also on the cords, are beautiful shiny 5 x 69 mm Sterling Tubes and 5mm Bali rope spacers.  It measures 18 inches  and is closed with sterling end caps and sterling filled lobster clasp. This necklace is a real eye catcher and very different. You will love the way it looks in person.  Of course, as always, the pictured piece is the one you will receive.

If you need a larger size a sterling extension chain can be added for no extra cost. Just e-mail me when processing the purchase order and I'll add the chain.

AGATE – Metaphysical Properties: Balances yin-yang energy stabilizes the aura.  Facilitates discernment. Imparts strength and courage.  Opens one to innate creative talents.  (There are many forms of agate, each with specific properties.) 

Agates occur as nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas where they represent cavities originally produced by the disengagement of volatiles in the molten mass which were then filled, wholly or partially, by siliceous matter deposited in regular layers upon the walls. Such agates, when cut transversely, exhibit a succession of parallel lines, often of extreme tenuity, giving a banded appearance to the section. Such stones are known as banded agate, riband agate and striped agate.


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