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Black Horn Pendant and Batik Bone African Trade Beads Sterling Necklace

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This handcrafted necklace consists of a 60mm Black Horn Carved Donut Pendant wrapped with sterling wire. This design includes Black and White African Batik bone beads handmade in Africa.  Black horn beads and White bone beads complete this necklace along with Bali Sterling beads and Sterling wire wrapped on a 2mm genuine black leather cord.

This necklace is 27" long.

Mudcloth or Batik beads are made of bone and are handmade in Africa using an ancient technique. Wax is painted onto the bead to create a design, then the surface is dyed with a vegetable dye. Once the dye is set, the wax is removed showing the resulting design and is reminiscent of the African fabric known as mudcloth.


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