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Cherry Quartz and Swarovski Crystal Silver Earrings

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These colorful earrings are crafted with faceted 10mm Cherry Quartz Beads and 8mm Swarovski Padparacha Crystals. Also included are vintage Silver Plate Bead Caps and beads. The 3" long earrings are hung on my handcrafted silver filled wires. The measurement includes the ear wires.  They are now 40% OFF.

"Cherry Quartz" is a beautiful man made glass , a mixture of clear glass and swirls of deep pink. It is made from glass melted in a furnace then combined with a coloring agent to produce the swirling inclusions or "needles" that give it its unique look. The glass is then cooled, cut, & polished like a gemstone. It has been said to attract love.

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