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Green White and Gray Moss Agate Pendant and Beads Sterling Necklace

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This gorgeous necklace has as its focal a semi-translucent 47x32mm Moss Agate Pendant. The third picture is taken with a light source behind the pendant. You can see the swirls of white and grey agate and green moss in this beautiful translucent natural gemstone. This necklace also is designed with Moss agate 10mm and 6mm round beads, and picking up the grey tones from the pendant complimentary Grey Lace Agate 7mm Rondelles. Each green Moss Agate bead is capped with 6mm and 4mm Sterling bead caps. There are also 3mm Sterling beads on both sides the pendant and at the ends of this 19 1/4" necklace that is closed with a Silver Filled 21mm Flat Twist toggle clasp.  Silver filled has a thick coating of sterling silver and wears exactly the same as sterling silver.

MOSS AGATE, also called mocha stone, grayish to milky-white agate, a variety of the silica mineral quartz that contains opaque, dark-coloured inclusions whose branching forms resemble ferns, moss, or other vegetation. The included materials, mainly manganese and iron oxides, are of inorganic origin. Most moss agates are found as fragments weathered from volcanic rocks. Long used for ornamental purposes, they are obtained chiefly from India, Brazil, Uruguay, central Europe, and the western United States.

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings, and promotes release from old habits. Moss Agate also attracts wealth and abundance, improves self esteem, and helps to release fear. 


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