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Long Green and Amber Czech Beads and Bronze Wirework Necklace and Earrings

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This design includes lovely Green and Amber 10mm square Czech Glass Beads.  Among the beads are solid bronze wirework.  This necklace is 34" long.  The matching earrings are hung on my rose gold filled handcrafted ear wires and are 1 3/4" from the top of the ear wire.  This lovely long necklace with compliment any of your outfits or could be a wonderful gift for a loved one.

All Artisan jewelry is one-of-a-kind handcrafted by JoAnn Williams in the Kaminski Jewelry Designs studio. The pictured piece is the item you will receive. All pieces come with a lovely gift box.

Bronze Smiths make bronze by melting two different metals and mixing them. The two metals are copper and tin. The first known existence of BRONZE dates to about 3500 BC and the Sumerians and lends its name to the Bronze Age. The discovery of bronze enabled people to create better metal objects than before. Tools, weapons, armor, and various building materials, like decorative tiles, made of bronze were harder and more durable than their stone and copper. As time progressed, the use of bronze in art, sculpture and architecture flourished. Bronze and copper jewelry has always existed and always will.

CZECH GLASS BEADS are known over the world for exemplary craftsmanship, vivid color and bead-to-bead consistency. From fire-polished faceted shapes to smooth round druks and more. Glass making in the Czech Republic is an age old cottage industry. These glass beads are still made in small quantities by hand.


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