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Orange Dolomite Beads and Gold Vermeil Necklace Set

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This gorgeous exotic looking necklace has as it centerpiece a 6.5x75mm Bali 24K Gold Vermeil Decorative Curve Tube with 10mm bright Orange Dolomite(aka Mountain Jade) and 3mm gold filled beads hanging from 4 loops. The remainder of the necklace is designed with the same 10mm Orange Dolomite beads, 7.4mm Precision Cut Rondelle Gold Filled Beads and 3mm round gold filled beads. The matching 2" dangle earrings hang from Bali 24K Gold Vermeil decorative ear wires. This 18" scrumptious necklace is closed with a Bali Vermeil S-Hook clasp. All quality gold filled and vermeil is used in this design.

MOUNTAIN "JADE" is a high-grade dolomite marble from Asia, and is widely used by makers of fine costume jewelry. Dyed into vibrant colors, it is useful for accents and longer necklaces where combining economy and quality really matter.

Beautiful BALI GOLD VERMEIL is made from solid 92.5% Sterling Silver which is plated with 24 Kt Gold, so the beads and findings are made entirely from precious metals by skilled Balinese Silversmiths. Each piece is uniquely handmade, and therefore there will be slight variations and imperfections, this is what makes Balinese Silver and Gold Vermeil so appealing.

GOLD FILLED is not like gold plated as there is approx 100 times more gold in gold fill, than there is on plated. Gold filled looks and usually wears as well as karat gold. Gold fill is very hard wearing and should last under normal wear conditions for a lifetime. The technique is a sheet of gold is mechanically applied to the surface of the metal. United States requirements state that gold-filled jewelry must contain no less than 1/20 its weight in gold. Wash with gentle soap and water and dry. No harsh chemicals or rouge cloths are needed to keep gold fill components looking like new.


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