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Textured Copper and Brass Rectangular Pendant with Carnelian Cabochon on Copper Chain

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This Textured Copper and Brass Rectangular Pendant was handmade by me from copper and brass sheet. I cut the pieces from the metal sheets, textured the copper and brass with hammers and punches and then riveted the Carnelian Cabochon between the two layers also using daisy spacers to decorate the pendant. This pendant measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" with an 18mm lovely deep red/orange Carnelian cabochon. The pendant is hung on a copper chain and measures 22 inches long. If you prefer a different length, that can be arranged. Just email me the length you prefer.

CARNELIAN opens the heart and connection to the inner self. Carnelians energies are invigorating and uplifting. Use to Stimulate the Mind and Concentration.

COPPER and BRASS are very beautiful "bohemian" metals that have been used for centuries. They are nickel free and allergic reactions to them are very rare. Brass is an alloy of approximately 70%copper and 30% zinc. Keeping copper/brass clean and dry, removing any oil or perspiration helps prevent oxidation.. Although they can tarnish over time, copper and brass resist tarnish better than many other jewelry metals (including sterling which turns black). When they do oxidize they take on a soft brown, antiqued color as they darken, a much sought after "vintage" look in jewelry. The tarnish on both copper and brass can be easily removed if you prefer an bright look.

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