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Venetian Blown Glass Green and Red Striped Bead, Pearls, Cherry Quartz Bali Sterling Necklace

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An absolutely gorgeous 20mm Venetian Blown Glass Green and Red Striped Bead is the focal of this striking necklace. To pick up the green and red in the striped focal bead I added 10mm Swarovski Light Green Crystal Pearls and Cherry Quartz glass which is a pretty man-made glass bead. There is plenty of Sterling in this 22" necklace with Bali Sterling bead caps and a Bali Sterling basket weave toggle clasp.
BALI SILVER is sterling silver made on the island of Bali, in Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. The Balinese are highly skilled silversmiths, known for their granulation and wire work decoration.

"Cherry Quartz", a beautiful man made glass, is a mixture of clear glass and swirls of deep pink. It is made from glass melted in a furnace then combined with a coloring agent to produce the swirling inclusions or "needles" that give it its unique look. The glass is then cooled, cut, & polished like a gemstone. It has been said to attract love.


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