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My New Rolling Mill

Posted by JoAnn Williams on

I just purchased a PEPE metal rolling mill that will put texture on metal. It is a beauty.  I am so excited can't wait to receive it on Monday.  This will make for some interesting pieces. I will still be hand texturing some pieces but this will give me more of a variety. It will be fun trying the many household items that metalsmiths have suggested to make texture on metal.  Things like the plastic mesh bags that some cheeses are wrapped in, leaves, window screen, fabric and many other things.  I will also be purchasing some metal texture plates.  So, I will be creating more with metal. Purchased some sterling and fine silver sheets and will be working with those too. I am very busy trying to get all my pieces posted on my new site, since I closed my Ruby Lane shop.  So stay tuned, more metal pieces to be posted in the near future.




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