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Be Back Soon

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Well, just in case you are wondering where I have been, here is my story. Last year at a craft show event I fell and broke my right wrist. After many weeks in a cast the radial bone at my wrist (near the thumb) healed almost perfectly. The doc was very pleased. Then comes the Physical Therapy for many weeks. I did get a lot of motion back but was having pain with movement on the pinky side with my ulnar bone. After an MRI showed torn ligaments and bones rubbing together, surgery was recommended. I had arthroscopic surgery to clean up the mess. Then back to Physical Therapy again for weeks. Now I am doing my PT at home but still have pain. I am using my right hand but it does have a weakness and I am still experiencing pain. It seems to be getting a little better but I guess time will tell. So I have not been making much jewelry, especially the metal fabricating, but hope to get back to it soon. Somehow this whole thing has taken my motivation away temporarily. Since I do love making jewelry, I am getting the urge to get into it again and anticipate that it will be soon.  Providing that there is no additional surgery in the near future. UGH

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